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#ForeverInspired - Meghan Murray Cox, Entrepreneur and Creator of Lingerie.Is.Beautiful

#ForeverInspired - Meghan Murray Cox, Entrepreneur and Creator of Lingerie.Is.Beautiful

With our #ForeverInspired series we're showcasing fellow bossbabes, wcw's, brands and charitable organizations that continue to motivate & inspire our team and our fabulous crew.

Today we are so excited to feature ultimate bossbabe, lingerie expert and GIAPENTA friend, Meghan Murray Cox. Always on the go, Meghan motivates us all with her hustle and entrepreneurial spirit as a fitness instructor, business owner, consultant & lover of all things lingerie. We chatted about everything from what it's really like to take the leap and start your own business, to her amazing new blog We're obsessed that her blog features all the things we love about lingerie, with the message of empowering women and inspiring confidence. We share Meghan's passion and at GIAPENTA, that's a message we live daily and are so happy to support!

Where do you currently reside? New York City

Tell us about your kickass career:

I am in the beginning stages of my own business. I have my blog, Lingerie is Beautiful, which highlights my favorite lingerie brands who are so much more than a bra and undies. My blog shows that these brands allow a woman to feel confident, strong and ready to take on the world. I want to share the message that yes, all women are beautiful and yes, there is a brand who will highlight your natural beauty and inspire confidence no matter what cup size. I am also working on building my company to offer consulting services to new brands, help boutiques and consumers discover new amazing brands/products/garments and I plan to expand by collaborating and offering events in NYC and other major cities. I am really happy to focus on what I am passionate about: empowering women, fashion, bringing people together, and helping new and emerging brands grow their own business.

What’s the one challenge you didn’t see coming?

Recently I parted ways with my job of 5 years and while this came unexpectedly and quicker than I had anticipated I am so grateful as it is allowing me to focus on my own business and focus on something I am truly passionate about. I won’t lie, it is at times a little scary making this a particularly challenging time in my life but I am excited for everything to come, stay tuned!

What does being a BOSS means to you?

First, I believe that a boss is person who empowers, motivates and supports others. A BOSS does not give up on his/her goals and dreams. While juggling career, bills, responsibilities, staying mentally & physically fit, making time for loved ones a boss can handle it (perhaps with lots of coffee ;) ). This person is strong, confident, inspirational and creative.

Best part of your day?

A long shower after an intense workout!!

We love a good side hustle, any upcoming projects in the works?

Three years ago I took my love of fitness to the next level and became an instructor. I absolutely adore this because of the connection you can have with your clients. Fitness is not only an amazing way to meet new people but to bring strength to both clients and myself. Working out together is addicting!!

Go to #OOTD?

Typically, the go to is cute yoga pants and a crop but when I have to take it to another level I swap out the yoga pants for skinny (cropped in the summer) jeans with a pair of heels or booties, keep the crop ;)

Pro tip for keeping up the hustle while also staying balanced?

Staying healthy with snacks and water in hand, always. As a girl who is constantly running between workouts and meetings it is so important to make sure you are fueling your body (and your mind!). Too many fear that snacking throughout the day will have a negative affect on their mind and body but actually with the right food, this will help maintain consistent energy, keep your mind awake and boost metabolism.

Fave travel destination?

Currently obsessed with South America. We were so lucky to have made a trip to Peru recently and discover the intense beauty both in the landscape and people. I cannot wait to discover more countries in South America. Plus, the sunshine is where it’s at ;) 

When it’s time to sweat, what is your preferred workout?

My favorite workout is strength. I love weights, resistance bands, oh, and boxing!

Who are some of your fashion icons?

I love Jane Birkin. Her free spirit style was amazing and actually, what you see everywhere now: crops, floral pants, simple jeans + white tee, boyfriend jeans (!!!), high boots. I love all of it.

What are some of your go-to GIAPENTA pieces?

Florence Demi, Rio Balconette, and all of the bodysuits!

Meghan in the Florence Demi Bra

How do you stay #ForeverInspired?

Newness!! New projects, new workouts, new friends, new collaborations. Growth, both in my career and personal life, is what drives me.

We're so excited to watch this beauty go after her dreams and continue to crush it! And to keep up with Meghan and her inspiring new blog, be sure to follow along


 Shop Meghan's favorite GIAPENTA pieces below.


The Rio Balconette $198

The Florence Demi Bra $145

The Wynwood Lace Plunge Bodysuit $225

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