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Our Story

GIAPENTA is built on the belief that your lingerie can and should work harder for you.

Strength. Inner Beauty. Confidence. At GIAPENTA we believe these are the characteristics that define every woman, and we designed this collection with you in mind. We’ve carefully created lingerie pieces that solve the day to day issues women face with their intimates. By doing this, GIAPENTA allows you to show your absolute best to the world and empowers you to live your most confident life.

Founded on the promise to be forever innovative and forever inspired, the name GIAPENTA was derived from the Greek words meaning FOREVER. We continue to pull our inspirations from Greece and you’ll see our signature GIAPENTA blue color woven throughout the collection, a nod to the cool blue waters and iconic Santorini rooftops.

All In The Details

Luxury materials + top notch production. The perfect combination.

We sourced only the best materials from around the globe. Buttery soft jerseys & modals, detailed embroidered appliques and soft, breathable mesh are just some of the touches that go into our pieces. And we’re thrilled to partner with such an incredible and experienced factory. We loved that their attention to fit, detail and quality matched our own.

The result is an innovative collection that provides unmatched comfort and support, allowing you to take on your day and ultimately, the world. So join the movement! Raise your expectations and find out how GIAPENTA truly works harder for you.

A few of our favorites helping to spread

the love on all things GIAPENTA


Working in luxury bedding for years afforded me the opportunity to work with the highest quality, most innovative fabrics on the market. What stood out most was a material that proactively regulated body temperature. My clients were in love with this fabric, especially women. I thought if they were getting such an amazing benefit from this material all night long, why not get the same benefit during the day from their intimates?

A need to create something better not only for the women who voiced a demand for smarter fabrics, but for all the women I knew we could help with innovative materials and design solutions, is what ultimately led to GIAPENTA. I was joined by my sister Elena and assembled an incredibly talented team focused on establishing our exclusive TempPro® performance fabric, specifically designed for intimates.

We are here because of the extraordinarily positive feedback and continued outpouring of support, and it is all of you who continue to inspire & push us every day. We hope you love GIAPENTA as much as we love creating each innovative piece, and are so excited to share this journey with you.




Our Amazing Team

For women. By women. GIAPENTA has been a labor of love from the beginning & we are so thankful for the support that surrounds us.

This captures a few of our very best days …