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If you’re a woman, you’ve probably worn a bra (or two or a slew) that didn’t properly fit. We took data from you—real women, not fit models—to craft a better bra that feels like a dream. Now let us help you find your perfect GIAPENTA fit.

It begins with THE BAND

Fact: Due to their elasticity, bras stretch over time. Always measure your bras band fit from the loosest (first) hook. As time goes on, you can progressively move to the second and third hooks to maintain a proper fit. 

So, step 1: Try your bra on, securing it with by the first hook. 

 Too Big: You’re popping out of the underwire. The back of your bra is riding up. The straps are digging into your shoulders. You don’t feel supported or secure. This fit is not right. 

 Too Small: You feel the band digging in and pinching your skin. You feel uncomfortable. This fit is not right.

 Just Right: Your band feel secures around your chest but not riding up your back. You feel comfortable, supported, and cool. This is the right fit!  

YOUR CUP should not runneth over

Fact: Your chest has a natural crease where an underwire should sit comfortably against your ribcage. 

 Too Big: There is a gap between the cup and your boob and/or you can feel the underwire poking into armpit territory. You don’t feel comfortable or sexy and your tee shirt looks bumpy. This fit is not right. 

 Too Small: The underwire is poking the side of your boob and your boobs are coming out of the top and the sides. You feel claustrophobic and like you’re about to explode. This fit is not right. 

 Just Right: Your breast sits supported in the cup without digging in anywhere. Our data-driven designed side-wings keep your lines cool and smooth. 


Fact: Straps digging into your shoulders is a sign that your bra band is too big 

 Too Long: Your straps easily fall off leaving you with a constant annoyance and feeling totally unsupported. This fit is not right. 

 Too Short: Your straps are digging in to your shoulders and still don’t feel securely in place. This fit is not right. 

 Just Right: Our straps are all adjustable from THE FRONT so finding your perfect strap length is easy as 1,2,3 (no one again off again, or bending in ways your body shouldn’t trying to get adjusted!) AND our patent-pending LONDON X Bra guarantees your straps will NEVER slip. 

Any Questions? 

Call us! Email us! Talking about bras is pretty much our favorite activity. Period. And we LOVE hearing feedback and welcoming newcomers to our community.