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Beat the Heat! Everything You Need to Know About Our Best Selling Cooling Bras

Beat the Heat! Everything You Need to Know About Our Best Selling Cooling Bras

Bras and summer. You’ve probably never considered them to be a match made in fashion heaven. We mean, good bras are hard to come by at the best of times (it’s actually why we created Giapenta – more on that later). But during the warmer months? Sheesh. It’s easier to find a free room in the Hamptons.  

Sure, most mornings you slip on the best bra you own and think ‘Today won’t be so bad. The office aircon will be pumping – I’ll be fine”.  But by the time lunchtime rolls around and you step outside into the blazing heat? The struggle is real. You’re suddenly sticky, clammy and ready to rip that bra right off. And you’ve got another four hours of work to power though! 

You’d be hard pressed to find a woman who can’t relate to this situation. Of all the joys summer brings – balmy nights out with your girlfriends, picnics in the sun, fresh strawberries at the beach – an ill-fitting bra can throw your day off.  

But we promise it doesn’t have to be this way. Some bras can actually help cool you down. And no, you don’t have to sacrifice comfort and support in the process. 

While all comfortable bras will be soft, well-fitted and hopefully make you forget you’re even wearing one at all, the best bras for summer will have a few extra details. We’re talking about cooling bras – and the best cooling bras will offer all day support and comfort without trapping heat. 

When it comes to cooling bras, finding a bra made with the right fabric is key. You’ll also want to seek out styles that don’t have excess padding or slippery straps that can cause discomfort and excess moisture when the weather leaves you feeling hotter than hot.  

What you need is a bra that will keep you cool and supported, while providing weightless comfort. 

Fortunately, we manufacture some of the best cooling bras on the market. These are our top tips for finding the right style for you this summer, and everything you need to know about our best sellers. 

When the heat is on, a cooling bra can make all the difference

You probably love summer for the glorious sunshine, longer days and weekend getaways. And while it all sounds delectable in theory, when temperatures rise about 85 degrees you can end up feeling sticky and gross. Often a traditional  bra will only exacerbate the situation – they can hold in moisture. Not exactly cute, right? 

Without a cooling bra, the solutions to this problem were slim. You could scour the internet for the best bralettes made with cotton. You could ditch your bra all together. Or you you could simply choose to keep calm and suffer through it all.

Thankfully, those days are over. The invention of cooling bras mean you can now feel comfortable all day without compromising on support. 

Cooling bras are designed to keep women comfortable during the warmer months, or when experiencing hormonal changes due to menopause, But they’re also great if you’re someone who just runs a little hot or is prone to boob sweat from time to time (aren’t we all?). 

When you think of your favorite underwear, your mind probably goes to soft cottons, elegant silks or beautiful bamboo. But cooling bras are actually made with smart textiles that regulate temperature and keep moisture at bay.

These fabrics do more than look good and keep you covered – our tech fabric proactively regulates your body temperature to combat temperature swings before they start.

We know what you’re thinking – ‘Tech textiles? Isn’t that what my well-worn yoga leggings and that best sports bra I’ve ever bought are made from?

And you’re probably right. But temperature-regulating fabrics can also be used for undergarments.

Enter the cooling bra.

Is there a difference between cooling bras and breathable bras? 

This is a great question and the answer may surprise you. While many bras will claim to be made with “breathable” fabric, it doesn’t automatically mean they’re cooling bras. Breathable bras will usually be made using bamboo, soft lace or cotton. They come in elegant styles, sportier styles or even everyday styles – yep that best t-shirt bra you throw on most mornings is most likely made with breathable cotton. It’s probably why you gravitate to it so frequently! 

They’re designed to minimize sweat, wick moisture and allow for air to flow freely to your chest. But they won’t necessarily cool you down. 

Our exclusive, patented smart fabric, TempPro™ is different. Yes, it’s totally breathable, but it actually solves your temperature woes by proactively regulating your body temperature to keep you cool and comfortable all day (and night) long. 

Can you tell me a little more about the technology behind your cooling bra? 

You know how you have a smart TV? And a smart phone? Well, we made a smart bra. Actually, we made more than one. The high-performing tech fabric we lean on for our best selling cooling bras was originally used in NASA spacesuits! In fact, the fabric is so smart  that natural cooling properties are simply part of its DNA. 

Our exclusive, patented smart fabric, TempPro™ , is designed to solve all of your temperature issues. Unlikely “moisture-wicking” fabrics, which simply respond to your overheating body, our cooling bras proactively regulate your temperature, keeping you cool and comfortable round the clock. 

While the technology and benefits are seamlessly built into our bras’ designs, it doesn’t mean they’re dowdy. The Giapenta range takes a science-meets-style approach. Plus, we make bras for big busts, bras for small busts and full figure bras. Yep, we’ve got your back no matter what size you are! 

Our cooling bras will keep you feeling chilled, but they also feature delicate lace to up the flirt factor, ultra-soft memory foam cups for a sensual silhouette and soft mesh details for added breathability. 

So say goodbye to perspiration and hello to the most innovative, comfortable bra you’ll ever own! 

Our best selling cooling bras 

We know that summer is wrapping up in the next few weeks (tears) but autumn can still be a scorcher in most parts of the country. And when you’re facing hot day after hot day, a comfy bra can make all the difference. 
Good thing we have no shortage of heatwave-friendly bra options that are affordable, supportive and have rave reviews from frequent Giapenta shoppers. Plus, we promise each will elevate your underwear drawer to the next level.
If you’re looking to swap out your old faithfuls for something that won’t leave you feeling quite so sticky, we’ve rounded up our top selling cooling bras. Oh, and we’ve even included a testimonial from a loyal wearer in case you needed any extra swaying. 
Some are strapless, some are full coverage, but all are super chic, made with your body in mind and created with our exclusive TempPro™ fabric to proactively keep your temperature balanced. 
Most importantly, they’ll make you feel your absolute best every time you slip one on.

                             BROOKLYN DEMI BRA aka “the game-changer”

Black two-piece with cardigan

Flirty, fun and uber comfortable, the Brooklyn Demi Bra features breathable soft mesh detailing, encased underwire and memory foam cups to enhance your natural shape. 

It’s lined with our high-performing TempPro™ fabric and comes with front adjusting straps, which means you’ll stay cool, calm and supported. 

The perfect pick for date night or Sunday lunch with your girlfriends, the Brooklyn Demi Bra  is available in black or white, from sizes 34A - 38D. And at just $58, it’s a total steal! 

This is what happy customer Courtney had to say about this playful piece.

“I have fallen in love with my Brooklyn Demi Bra from GIAPENTA! I wear it nearly every day because it's got the support I need AND the fabric is so super soft, it makes me feel like a goddess. I honestly didn't believe that the fabric could stop my boob sweat (living in Texas every additional layer counts), but I was so wrong! It has not only worked to control my body temperature in the craziest weather, but it has been a game-changer for me when I'm at work and the AC is on full blast! I also love that I can wear it with anything. 10/10 I would recommend this bra!” - Courtney, CA

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SONOMA CURVE BRA aka "fits like a dream”

Black laced bra

This is our best selling full coverage bra that also doubles as a cooling bra. While it’s seriously supportive, the Sonoma Curve Bra also features a scalloped, plunging neckline, which means it pairs perfectly with your well-loved deep V tees and low cut dresses. 

This bra also comes with adjustable straps and a ballet-style back for added comfort and support. And of course, our unique and ultra soft TempPro™ fabric lines the whole bra. So your body temperature stays on point day or night. 

The Sonoma Curve Bra comes in size 32C - 38E and you can pick one up for a cool $78. 

Need we say more? Probably not, so here’s what shopper Tracy had to say about it: 

“Never thought I'd say this about a full coverage bra, but the Sonoma is so sexy! It gives me all of the coverage and support I need and believe me when you wear a 38 DD it's almost impossible to find a bra that fits, let alone one that's this comfortable. GIAPENTA ticks all of the boxes for me: superb fit, super comfortable (the fabric is so soft) and I look smokin' hot wearing it! The lace is also very pretty. Very happy with my purchase! 

  • Tracy, PA

    To shop now or read more reviews, click here. 

    LONDON X BACK BRA aka “worth every penny!”

    London X Back bra

    Lightly lined with our buttery soft micro jersey, the London X Back Bra is a fan favorite for a reason. Featuring our unique, patented X back design, this bra provides amazing comfort, delicate shaping and complete temperature control thanks to our TempPro™ fabric. 

    With front adjusting straps, front closure clasps, encased underwire (so there’s no digging or poking!) and smoothing side wings for a little extra support, the London X Back Bra has it all. And at just $68, it won’t break the bank either, 

    The London X Back Bra comes in two shades – nude and black – and in sizes 32A - 38E. 

    And it’s such a crowd pleaser, even non-wearers sing its praises. 

    “My wife loves Giapenta products! Cooling, comfortable, and quality… worth every penny! You have a customer for life, thank you!” - Jon

    Shop now and read more reviews over here.

    KAVALA MULTIWAY BRA aka “the unicorn of bras” 

    Blue Two-piece

    The Kavala Multiway is a must-have bra for summer (plus winter, spring and autumn if we’re being totally honest!). Super feminine and chic, the gorgeous pieces comes with three adjustable and removable straps to suit all your tricky tops, dresses and necklines. It actually transforms into thirteen different bra styles, making it the perfect item to pack on your next girls’ trip or romantic getaway. 

    Not only is this bra made with our TempPro™ fabric, it’s adorned with delicate lace and comes with a double lining of magical support on the inside ensures an all-day, stay in place fit. 

    Yes, this bra will keep you cool,  comfortable and secure no matter what you wear it with! 

    But don’t just take our word for it.

    “Officially found the unicorn of bras! This strapless is totally comfortable, holds me in AND stays in place. Also obsessed with the tech fabric. It's been damp and raining these last few weeks but love that this bra actually warms me up!” - Kaitlin, NJ

    The Kavala Multiway comes in sizes 32B - 38D. Pick one up in blue, black or nude right now over here. 

    It’s shopping time!

    You can discover the full Giapenta collection by heading to this page. And if you have any queries about our ultra comfy intimates, loungewear or accessories, we’d love to hear from you. 

    We’re all about making smart bras for exceptional women and our products are made with your body in mind. So the more we know about your favorite bra styles (or bra hangups), the better! 

    Drop us a line any time.

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