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A Pretty Sweet Valentine's Day Giveaway

A Pretty Sweet Valentine's Day Giveaway

This Valentine's Day, we're all about cultivating self love. After all, as our guru Carrie Bradshaw once said, "Don't forget to fall in love with yourself first." 
One of the most powerful ways we can love ourselves is through self-talk and affirmation. Self-talk is the inner dialogue we have running through our heads on a daily basis. It's the thoughts we have about ourselves on any given day- both conscious and unconscious. Often times our inner voice can be critical, negative, and full of self-doubt and judgement. 
It's important to practice positive and affirming self-talk to shift to a more positive narrative in our minds. Take time to remind yourself what you like about yourself and what you are good at.  
This Valentine's Day, put the work in by writing a love note to yourself. We write kind words and affirmations in a card to our loved ones, so why not do it for ourselves?
To enter our Valentine's Day #LOVENOTETOSELF giveaway,  head over to our Instagram page and tell us what you love about yourself, and inspire others to do the same. 
One lucky winner will get a $100 GIAPENTA gift card! (Go on, get that trendy unlined mesh Rio bra you've been eyeing). 
Hurry! You only have until Wednesday, January 13th to enter! Full details on how to enter are on our Instagram page
Good luck and Happy Valentine's Day!

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