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#ForeverInspired - Malia Ellis, Disability Fashion & Beauty Advocate and Motivator

As we celebrate International Women's Day, it's important to recognize that not all women face the same challenges when it comes to achieving gender equality. Disabled women, in particular, face unique obstacles that are often overlooked.

To shed light on this issue, we sat down with our brand ambassador, Malia Ellis, to discuss the challenges she has faced and what can be done to better support and include disabled women in the fight for gender equality.

Thank you for volunteering to share your story.

Thank you so much! I’m honored to represent and advocate for disabled women.  

What is your condition?

At the age of 14 I was diagnosed with Epidermal Nevus Syndrome which caused me to have health problems including severe scoliosis. 

What do you think is the biggest challenge that disabled women face in terms of gender equality?

I think the biggest challenge is the stereotypes that people have about disabled women. People often assume that disabled women are not capable of achieving much, and there are stereotypes about what we can and cannot do. This is particularly evident on social media, where disabled women are often looked down upon.

How can we better support and include disabled women in the fight for gender equality?

Representation is key. We need to see more disabled women in media, advertising, and other public platforms. This means including disabled women as models, actors, and other public figures. It's important for people to see themselves represented in these spaces. Inclusion is also critical. We need to recognize that disabled women are an important part of the fight for gender equality and ensure that their voices are heard.

As an influencer in disability fashion and beauty, how do you hope to change people's perceptions of disabled women?

I try to showcase disabled women as capable and beautiful. Disability is a part of who we are, but it doesn't define us. By featuring disabled models and showcasing adaptive clothing and beauty products, I hope to break down the stereotypes and show that disabled women are just as fashionable and confident as anyone else.

At Giapenta, we believe in the power of uplifting female voices, which is why we are proud to have amazing ambassadors who represent diversity, inclusivity, and empowerment. We are committed to creating a world where all women are seen, heard, and celebrated, regardless of their abilities or background.

We are committed to recognizing and addressing the unique challenges that disabled women face in achieving gender equality. By including disabled women in public platforms, we can help to challenge stereotypes and ensure that their voices are heard. As we celebrate International Women's Day, let's all commit to doing more to support and empower all women, including those with disabilities.

To learn more about Malia's story and to support her vision, visit her website, TikTok or Instagram

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