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London X Back Bra


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No more boob sweat

As your body gets warm, TempPro™ tech fabric draws out the heat, stores it, and releases it back to you when you need it to keep you cool and dry.


We discovered, re-designed, re-developed, and patented TempPro™ technology to be used specifically for intimates.


Our TempPro™ fabric was originally developed to regulate body temperature for astronauts in outer space.


Unlike a lot of technical fabrics, TempPro™ is easily integrated into our feminine lingerie designs.


London X Back Bra

  • Contour bra with plunging neckline
  • Patent-pending X back design
  • Front Closure

Sonoma Curve Bra

  • Soft memory foam cups
  • Ballet back for additional support
  • Full coverage bra with plunging neckline

Brooklyn Demi

  • Signature mesh details
  • Soft memory foam cups
  • Front adjusting shoulder straps

Kavala Multiway

  • Ultra-soft micro jersey
  • 3 removable and adjustable straps
  • 13 different bra configurations


Backed by SCIENCE

[TempPro image/gif?]

TempPro™ is our exclusive, high-performance tech fabric specially designed for intimates that proactively reglulates body temperature.

In simple terms, as you get warm, the fabric pulls heat away from your body to cool you down. As you start to get cold, it'll release your body heat back to you when you need it, keeping your temperature perfectly balanced, always.