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Forever inspired

We believe in pushing limits and raising expectations, which is why we’ve developed a collection of intimates that’s built to work harder for you.

Before we began designing, we reached out to hundreds of women with one simple question – how can we make your intimates better? After listening to feedback from so many strong, inspiring ladies, we found the same issues kept emerging. So as GIAPENTA began to come to life, each piece was carefully designed as a solution to many of these common issues.

Our mission of making better intimates for women lets you get back to what’s most important in your life. What started as a mission has turned into a movement and we couldn’t be happier!

Forever committed to you

Tired of wanting to fling off your bra the second you get home?! We went after some of the most common issues to bring you real life solutions that you'll love!

“Bra straps falling off my shoulder”

Our patent-pending London X Back bra is designed to keep your shoulder straps secure and in place. This innovative piece combines the support of a sports bra with the look and elegance of an everyday contour bra, and is a must have for any lingerie drawer!

“Hard to reach strap adjusters”

Many of the bras feature front adjusting shoulder straps for easy adjustments. Because it’s the details that make all the difference!

“Want more functional options with a strapless bra.”

Three adjustable and removable straps allow you to style the Kavala Multiway an incredible 13 different ways! This fun and functional piece also makes the perfect travel companion.

“More natural shaping.”

Because you want to show off your gorgeous shape, our soft cup bras allow you to do just that. Designed to give gentle support combined with ultra-flattering silhouettes, these luxury styles are pure elegance.

“Too hot in my bra!”

Get ready to fall in love. Our exclusive TempPro™ fabric solves temperature issues by proactively regulating your body temperature to always keep you cool & comfortable.

“Need all day comfort.”

We changed the game when it comes to fit & comfort! In addition to standard fit models, we partnered with hundreds of real life ladies of all gorgeous shapes and sizes during our fit process. The result is incredible fitting, comfortable bras that give you perfect amount of support to get you through your busiest of days.

“Would love a full coverage bra that’s actually sexy!”

Say goodbye to boring full coverage bras! The Sonoma Curve was designed with a beautiful plunging neckline that pairs perfectly with low cut tops or dresses, gorgeous lace details and support in all the right places. This elegant and sexy bra is the one you’ve been waiting for!

“Strapless bra doesn’t stay in place.”

For a strapless that actually stays where it should, meet the Kavala Multiway. Engineered to always feel secure plus a double inner lining of magical support ensures a perfect all day, stay in place fit.

Forever Innovative

A perfect pairing – luxury lingerie meets high performance fabrics.

"A game changer in luxury lingerie." - Refinery29

GIAPENTA was born from the idea that high performance fabrics shouldn't just be reserved for the clothes you wear to the gym or the sheets you sleep on. We believe that the first layer is the most important, so we created beautifully designed lingerie that delivers on functionality.

At the heart of our collection is our exclusive TempPro® fabric, a high-performance tech fabric specially developed for intimates that proactively regulates body temperature using Phase Change Materials. Translation - as you get warm, the fabric pulls heat away from your body to cool you down. As you start to get cold, it releases your body heat back to you, always keeping your temperature perfectly balanced.

We're often asked how TempPro® fabrics differ from moisture wicking fabrics. Moisture wicking is a very beneficial technology & we have elements included in our collection that have these same properties.

The difference is that moisture wicking fabrics are REACTIVE, meaning if you're already hot or sweating, the fabric then reacts and wicks the moisture away from your body. This a great solution for the gym or similar activities when you're already hot and perspiring.

But our exclusive TempPro® fabric goes a step further and is a PROACTIVE fabric. Just as you start to get warm, the phase changing materials in the fabric actively pull heat away from your body. Overheating and sweating are reduced. If you do start to get cold, stored heat is released back to you, when you need it the most.

TempPro® fabric is used throughout the collection and the feedback has been incredible! Tell us your story with #MyTempPro.

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